Tornado Procedures

Tornado Preparedness

The following supplies will be necessary to protect and sustain your employees in the event that a tornado leaves you temporarily stranded in the office building:

  • Food. Stock your office with non-perishable and easy-to-store food products such as dehydrated foods and food bars.
  • Water. Keep at least a three-day supply of purified water. It is recommended that you stock two quarts of water per day, per employee.
  • Emergency Lighting. Flashlights, flares, light sticks.
  • Batteries. Keep a fresh supply
  • Medical. Keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit. Choose kits designed to treat earthquake- related injuries such as heavy bleeding, shock and broken bones.
  • Blankets. Lightweight fire and shock retardant emergency blankets.
  • Radios. Portable transistor radios with extra batteries and two-way radios.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Medications. Persons on medication should keep a 72-hour supply in their desk.

Additional supplies to consider:

  • Heavy Work Gloves
  • Hard Hats and Goggles
  • Work Shoes
  • Generator
  • Shovels, Crowbars
  • Catalytic Heater
  • Dust Masks
  • Chemical Toilets, Waste Bags, Lime
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • Sleeping Bags and Cots
  • Portable Stove
  • Eating Utensils
  • Instant Icepack
  • Pre-moistened Towelettes

There are two designations placed on a tornado: a watch and a warning. A tornado watch indicates weather conditions are right for a tornado. A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been sighted in the immediate area.

In the Event of a Tornado Watch

  • Whoever is made aware of the threatening weather should notify the office manager, designated Floor Warden and the Management Office.
  • Floor Warden or office managers should alert all staff of the watch.
  • Once you have been notified of the watch, please do the following:
    • Immediately close the blinds in your office.
    • Once this is accomplished, stay away from the windows.
    • Remain at your normal work station.
    • Tune in any battery operated radios to a station with weather updates.
    • If possible, you should remain in the building until the weather has cleared.

In the Event of a Tornado Warning

  • Move away from the perimeter of the building (windowed areas) toward the center of the building and close the doors behind you.
  • Floor Wardens and other emergency personnel will direct you towards corridors, stairwells and elevator lobbies.
  • Do not exit these designated areas or use elevators.
  • Protect yourself by placing your head close to your knees and covering your neck with your hands.
  • If you cannot reach a corridor or lobby in time, the next safest place is under a desk, table or chair.
  • Remain in the designated area until an announcement has been made by designated emergency personnel or building management that it is safe to return to your work station.
  • Once everyone has returned to their workstation, emergency personnel should assist Building Management in accounting for all employees.
  • If anyone has been injured, designated emergency personnel should assist where possible and follow the Medical Emergency Procedures outlined in this chapter.
  • If any portion of your offices or surrounding building areas have been damaged, please notify Building Management immediately.

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